How to upload the website layout

Customizing the framework can be very time consuming and will involve a lot of frustration due to trial and error for a new comer to website development. Thankfully, creating your website will be quick and easy with the use of our preconfigured website layouts.

Let’s import the layout into Pagelines DMS.

  1. When you hover over the website name at the top, Visit Site will appear below it. Click on Visit Site.

01 - Theme Installed Successfully

2. Click on Site Settings at the bottom of the page.

02 - The theme editing screen

3. The below menu will appear, click on import + export in the left menu and the click on the green button that says + Select Config File (.json) 

03 - Click on Import+Export then select config file

4. A dialog box will appear, select the website layout file (4.1) that we sent to you and click on the open button (4.2).

04 - Select the layout file

5. When the below message appears, click on OK.

05 - Click on OK

6. The below message will appear when the file is successfully imported.

06 - Setting Imported

7. You will now find the layout installed on your website and ready to be personalized.

07 - Layout installed