Tips for designing your website header

We’ve tried to make website development as easy as possible but designing can be a bit involved. It’s not hard to learn but takes time that most people simply don’t have. So what options do you have?

Option 1: Get a friend to help

Everyone knows someone that dabbles in designing. It may be a friend, co-worker’s son or an acquaintance. You should be able to get assistance for next to nothing.

Option 2: Get us to help

When you sign up with us, you get an hour of support free. You can utilize this hour by asking us to assist with your header / slider design.

Option 3: Do it yourself

If design interests you and you would like to learn more then why not try to create it yourself. You don’t need fancy, expensive software either, is a free online editing tool that can be used to create your website header.

Michelle Shaeffer created an excellent tutorial on Youtube regarding using pixlr to create a website header (aka website banner), check it out below.