How to setup the slider

So you’ve chosen the slider layout for your website. Good choice, it loads faster than flash animation, is easy to setup and it’s a great way to quickly grab the visitors attention thus improving visitor retention. The slider is like a slide show and can be used on all pages of the website but in most cases, people only use it on the homepage.

We will now load your chosen images into the slider.

1. Hover over the slider area and click on the edit button that appears on the top right.
01 - Click on edit

2. The below menu will pop up, go to Select Transition type and choose from the following:

  • Use Fading Transition – The slider fades from one image to the next. I prefer this option because the transition seems to be a tad shorter than the other option which means that the image is visible longer.
  • Use Slide/Horizontal Transition – This option has a more dramatic effect during the transition which makes it eye catching to the visitor.

02 - Select animation

3. Click on the tick box for Animate Slideshow Automatically (3.1) and then click on Slide 1 (3.2) to expand the options available for that slide.

03 - Animate automatically and click on slide 1 to expand

4. Click on the upload button under Slide 1 to load your preferred image.

04 - click on upload

5. Select the image (5.1) then click on the open button (5.2)

05 - Select file

6. The image will load into the slider and a preview of it will appear on the right. You can also optionally add text that will pop up in the slide and add a link in the slide so that if the visitor clicks on a slide, it will take them to the appropriate page.

06 - file uploaded, add text or link if needed

7. Repeat the above mentioned steps for Slide 2 & 3. If you would like to add more slides click on the + add slide button (7.2)

07 - Follow 4-6 for each slide or add more slides

8. Once you have completed working on the slider, click on the publish button (8.1) and then the refresh button that is on the left of publish. (8.2)

08 - refresh to see changes

You’ve now created an eye catching animated feature on your website that will work wonders with your visitors.