How to submit your website to Google

The final step in creating a website is submitting it to Google. You first have to create an account on Google Webmaster Tools.

  1. Go to (1.1) and then click on the Sign in to Search Console button (1.2).

01 - Sign in to Google Webmaster Tools

2. Click on the Add A Property button.02 - Click on add a property

3. The following screen will appear, type in your website address (3.1) and then click on the Continue button (3.2).03 - enter url

4. Click on the Alternate Methods tab.

04 - Click on alternate methods

5. Select HTML Tag from the list.

05 - Select HTML Tag

6. Copy the verification code and go back to your website.06 - Copy the verification code

7. In the wordpress dashboard, select the AIO Webmaster plugin icon and then click on Webmaster Options.07 - Select webmaster options in AIO plugin

8. Enter the verification code into the Google Webmaster Central field. Note that the whole line is not used but only the code between the two apostrophes after Content=. Once this is done, click on the update button below the fields.08 - Enter verification code

9.Go back to Google Webmaster and click on the Verify button.09 - Click on verify

10. The below screen will appear if the verification was successful, click on the continue link to go to the webmaster tools section for this website..10 - Click on continue

11.Click on sitemap generator (11.1) in the left menu then click on the Generate your sitemap button (11.2).11 - Generate Sitemaps

12. Select AIO Webmaster (12.1) in the left menu and click on Sitemap Options (12.2).12 - Sitemap Options

13. Type in your website address and add “/sitemap.xml” (13.1) thereafter, click on the Submit to Google and Bing button (13.2).13 -Submit Sitemap

Congratulations, you’ve successfully create your website. You’ve done all you can from your end, now Google’s program will crawl through your site and index it in their search engine.  🙂