Step 2: How to setup WordPress in cPanel

Once you have purchased the domain and applied for website hosting, you can begin to create your WordPress website. (If you haven’t done this yet, click here)

You should have received your cPanel login details from us or your website host via email.

  1. Type in your website address in your browser and add “/cpanel” at the end. This will take you to the cpanel login page. Enter the username and password given to you to access cpanel.

01 - cPanel Login


2. Once logged in, scroll down to softaculous apps installer and click on the wordpress icon.

02 - Select WordPress

3. When the below screen opens, click on the blue install button.

03 - Softaculous

4. In the choose domain field (4.1), select your website from the drop down list. Then delete the text in the In Directory field (4.2) and leave it blank.

04 - Remove directory

5. Under Site Settings (5.1),  enter the following:

  • In the Site Name field, enter the name of your website.
  • In the Site Description field, enter a description of what the website is about.

Then in the Admin Account section, enter the following:

  • A username
  • A password, you can enter anything as your password.
  • There is an interactive strength indicator below the password field that measures the password strength. It’s for informational purposes only and will not enforce any rules (eg. your password must have numbers in it)
  • Type in your email address in the Admin Email field.

05 - Site settings and Admin Account Settings

6.Click on the advanced options section to expand it, then do the following:

  • Change the database name to “website”
  • Tick the box for Auto Upgrade WordPress Plugins
  • Select your preference for the automated backups, i.e. once a month, once a week etc.
  • Select the number required for the backup rotations, I prefer 2 backups. Based on the number selected, the backup rotation will store that number of backups on the system before overwriting it. So in this case, it will store two backups and will overwrite the second backup when performing the next backup.

06 - Advanced options

7. Ignore the select theme section and type in your email address in the field below the install button. Once this is done, you can click on the install button.

07 - Select theme & set email for installation details

8. The system will start to install wordpress for you.

08 - Installation in progress

9. Once the installation is completed, you will see a screen similar to the below screen shot.

09 - Installation complete

Congratulations, you’ve just created a website. Now it’s time to config it.

Go to Step 3: Configuring the website settings