Step 4: How to install wordpress plugins

What are WordPress plugins?

Plugins are third party applications that can be installed within a wordpress website that will extend the functionality of your website. The problem is, there are thousands of plugins available. We’ve compiled a list of the best plugins to use.

Installing plugins can be a tedious task but we’ve created a shortcut that will speed up the process quite a bit.
We first need to install the bulk plugin installer.

1. Click on Plugins in the left menu and then click on Add New from the list that appears.
01 - Click on Plugins, Add New
2. In the search fields marked as 2.1, type in “WP Favs” amd press the enter key. A list of plugins will appear that match your search, click on the Install Now button of “WP Favs – Bulk Plugin Installation”
02 - Search for WP Favs & install now

3. When the below screen appears, click on Activate Plugin.

03 - Activate Plugin

4. The plugin now appears in your plugin list.

04 - Plugin Activated

5.Now that you’ve installed WP Favs, click on Tools in the left menu and then click on WP Favs from the list that appears.

05 - Click on tools & then Wp Favs

6. Enter acd5fa3043a5c6f60947410a30b2359dcb68b866
into the API Key field and click on Get WP Favs

06 - Enter the code into the api key field 

7. The essential website plugins list will appear. Click on run this list.

07 - Run the list 

8. Tick the box marked as 8.1 and then select Install in the drop box and click on the apply button of the area marked as 8.2

08 - Select Install All

9. The below screen will appear that states the result of each plugin installation.

09 - Plugins installed successfully

10.In the Installed Plugins section, you will find all the plugins that have been installed. Scroll through the list and click on activate.

10 - Go back to installed plugins and activate each plugin

Great. You’ve completed the plugin installation. Let’s get cracking with installing the theme.

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