How to install a wordpress theme

What’s a WordPress theme?

Themes are installed onto wordpress to change the look and feel of the website. There are numerous themes available but the best that we’ve used is Pagelines DMS. It’s more than a theme as themes are generally very rigid and only offer a few customization options. Pagelines DMS is a framework that allows you to create many different website variations and styles. It’s however not easy to use if you’re new to website development.

So we combined the best of both worlds with our service offering, when you host your website through us, you can choose a layout template that will be sent to you. This template is uploaded into DMS which means your layout will be ready in minutes.

Let’s get started with installing your wordpress theme. This procedure can be used, no matter what theme you decide to use.

  1. Click on Appearance in the left menu and then on Themes.

02 - Click on Themes

2.  When the below screen appears, click on the Add New button.

03 - Click on Add New

3. Type in DMS into the search field and press the enter key. The theme will appear once this is done.

04 - Type in DMS

4. When you hover the cursor over the theme, the install button will appear. Click on Install.

05 - Click on Install

5. The theme will be installed into wordpress. Click on activate once this is done.

06 - Click on Activate

6. You will now be taken back to the theme screen where the DMS theme is now visible.

07 - Theme Installed Successfully

That was easy. Now it’s time to import your chosen layout into DMS. 🙂

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