How to create a website menu in wordpress

The menu is a powerful but often overlooked area of your website. It’s important to ensure that your menu is as simple to understand as possible because it allows the user to navigate through your website. There’s nothing more irritating than being on a website with great content but you’re struggling to find the information you need. In this tutorial we’ll look at how to create and setup your menu.

  1. Click on Appearance in the left menu then select Menus.

01 - Click on Appearance then Menus

2. Enter a name for your menu in the Menu Name Field (2.1) then click on the Create Menu button(2.2)
02 - Create the Menu

3.In the Pages section on the left, select the pages that you want to add to the menu and click on the Add to Menu button.03 - Add pages to the menu

4. Now you can edit the menu’s structure by moving the pages. Select a page and drag it up or down to a preferred area. By moving the page up, it will be displayed closer to the left of the menu whereas moving it down will make it closer to the right based on it’s position. To create a drop down menu, drag the page to the right, this will create a drop down list in the menu when someone hovers over the page above it. In the example below, the following pages are a drop down list for the “Configuring the Website Setting” page in the menu:

  • General WordPress Settings Configuration.
  • How to install WordPress plugins.
  • How to install a WordPress theme.

Have a look at this website’s menu to get an idea of how the end result will look.

04 - Setting the Menu Layout

5. Once you’ve arranged the menu items to your liking, tick the following Menu settings options (5.1) and click on the save menu button. (5.2)

05 - Menu Settings


Optional Menu Settings

6. If you’re not happy with how the page titles look in the menu then you can edit the navigation label to whatever you prefer. This is a great way to shorten titles that are too long for the menu but will not affect the actual page title. Click on the Save Menu button once done. 06 - Navigation Label

If you’ve gone through all the steps then your site is ready to be submitted to Google for indexing.

Click here to read the Google submission tutorial.