How to create a webpage in WordPress

One of the features that I love in wordpress is that it’s very easy to add and update webpages to your website. If you’re familiar with using Microsoft Word or even email for that matter, then this is going to be very easy to grasp.

Let’s first look at editing a page, we’ll edit the sample page to create your homepage.

How to edit a webpage in WordPress

1.Click on Pages in the left menu and then click on All Pages in the sub menu.01 - Click on Pages then All Pages

2. The first page that you need to setup is your homepage, it’s the page that visitors see when they type in your website address. In step 2, we set the sample page as the homepage. (The sample page is created automatically when Wordpress is installed). We will now edit this page to create your homepage. Click on edit below “Sample Page”.

02 - Pages Window, click on edit

3. You will now be taken to the Edit Page screen. Do the following:

  • Change the title of the webpage to something appropriate (3.1)
  • Type in the text area (3.2), whatever you want to say on this page.
  • Once you’re done with the page, click on the update button. (3.3)

03 - Edit Page and click on update

How to create a new webpage in WordPress

To create a new page, click on the Add New button below All pages in the left menu or click on Add New next to Pages at the top. Then follow the same process in step 3. You will notice that the update button is now called Publish since this is a new page that is being created.

That’s basically the gist of it, now we’ll go through the settings in the toolbar above the text area so you know what each button does.

The Toolbar options

Some settings are hidden initially in the toolbar but if you click on the Toolbar Toggle button, a second line of functions appears. The toolbar will look like the below image.

numbered toolbar2

As you can see, I have numbered each button above, let’s go through their functions accordingly;

  1. The Bold button is used to bold text. You can either click on it first to activate it and then type or highlight the required text and then click on this button to bold it.
  2.  The italics button is used for italics and works in the same way as the bold button. I prefer using it when making reference to something.
  3. This button is used when you want to show a line going through the text. It’s not used very often but is ideal if you want to emphasis a mistake.
  4. Use this button to create a bullet list.
  5. This button is used when creating a numbered list. So the effect will be exactly as you see in this list.
  6. This option is used to create a block quote, see sample below. I rarely use this but it might be useful to you.
  7. The horizontal line button is a very useful options to divide your content on your page. It just creates a line across the page when you click on it.
  8. Use the left align button to align your text to the left of the page.
  9. Center your text with this button.
  10. Align your text to the right of the page with this button.
  11. You can highlight text and click on
    this button to convert it to a link on your page. Use this to link to a page on another website or link to pages within your website.
  12. This button removes the link from text.
  13. This button is used to insert a read more tag. I haven’t seen many people using it on their sites though.
  14. Click on this button to expand the toolbar, it will give you access to the second line of options.
  15. The paragraph drop down list is very important when creating content as you will use it to set the text as headings, paragraphs etc. There are many types of headings available, all with different sizes. All test entered is automatically set to paragraph format and you can afterwards, highlight the headings and set the preferred heading size.
  16. This button is fairly straight forward, use it to underline text. 🙂
  17. By selecting the text and clicking this button, it will force the words to spread across the page evenly.
  18. This button is used to change the text color. when you click on it, a menu appears and you choose a color by clicking on it.text color
  19. The Paste as Text button sets the editor to plain text mode so that anything pasted into the edit will lose it’s formatting and only be pasted as plain text. To deactivate this setting, click on the button again.
  20. Clear formatting removes any formats set on the text, for example if I set a portion of text to bold, I can clear this formatting but highlighting the text and clicking on the clear formatting button.
  21. Special Characters is a useful tool as it allows you to add special characters like © or é to the text. When you click on the button, a menu you will appear, choose the appropriate special character and click on it to add it to your text.  special character expanded
  22. Decrease Indent will move the text to the left. This option is generally used to bullet or numbered lists.
  23. Increase Indent will move the text to the right and in the case of bullet or numbered lists, the bullet or number will change as it creates a subsection in that number or bullet item.
  24. The undo button is a basic feature which allows you to undo what you just did.
  25. If you change your mind after undoing something, click on the redo button to redo it.
  26. Lastly, the question mark shows you the keyboard shortcuts that you can use in the editor to speed up tasks.

You should be ready to start creating your content. 😉

In the next step, we’ll show you how to add pictures to webpages