How to create a gallery in WordPress

In certain instances, adding one picture to your page isn’t enough. You can group images together into a gallery on a page by using the following steps.

  1. In the page editor screen, click on the Add Media button.

01 - Click on add media

2. Click on the Create Gallery (2.1) option on the left when the below screen opens which will activate the gallery settings.  Now select the images that you want to add to the gallery (2.2) and click on the create a new gallery button (2.3)02 - create gallery

3. The Edit Gallery screen will appear, you can add a caption in the Caption this image area below each image. By doing this , the caption will be visible below the image on the webpages. (Captions are optional)

Now do the following under Gallery Settings on the right:

  • Link to – Select Media File
  • Columns – This is your preference, wordpress will spread the images out across the page according to the number of columns required.
  • Random Order – This will shuffle the image order automatically each time it’s loaded.
  • Size – Select the image sizes. This depends on your preference.

Click on Insert Gallery (3.2) thereafter.

03 - gallery settings

4. The gallery will now be visible in the page editor screen. If you need to edit any of it’s settings, hover over it until the edit button appears and click on it to access these settings again. You can also delete the gallery by clicking on the x next to edit.04 - Gallery Added

That was easy. Let’s turn our attention to your contact us page. This is a vital yet overlooked portion of your website and we’ll show you how to create a contact form without needing to know any coding.

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