How to add a contact form to your website

Why should I add a contact form to my website? Can’t I just display my email address? You can do this but it’s not advisable because your email address could get a lot of spam and because there are some people that will want to contact you through your website that you don’t want bothering you. Who am I talking about? Sales people!

By using a contact form, you will receive the email without having to give them your email.

Let’s get started with adding a contact form to your contact page.

  1. When you installed the plugins in an earlier tutorial, one of the plugins was the BWS Contact Form. To access the plugin settings, click on BWS Plugins in the left menu and then click on Contact Form01 - click on contact then contact forms
  2. Click on the radio button on the right of Use this email address (2.1) and type in your email address where you would like to receive the inquiries. Click on the Save Changes button (2.2) thereafter.02 - Enter email address
  3. Click on the Additional Settings tab (3.1) to access the next section and do the following:
    1. In the What to use? section (3.2) select Mail.
    2. In the ‘FROM’ field section (3.3), select User name and User email.03 - Mail Settings

  4. The below section is used to select what fields are to be displayed in the contact form. Tick the Used column if you want the field to be visible on the form and tick required next to it if you want the visitor to be forced to fill in this information. (i.e. it will be a mandatory field). Tick Captcha by BestWebSoft (4.2)  afterwards.04 - Form Settings
  5. In the Action after email is sent section (5.1), you can either select Display text that will display a message once the form has been submitted or you can choose to redirect the visitor to one of your webpages. Once this is done click on the Save Changes button (5.2)05 - Action after email is sent
  6. We’ve now completed editing the plugin settings and need to add the contact form to our webpage. Click on Pages and then All Pages (6.1) in the left menu. Select the Contact Us page (6.2) that you should have created previously (if you didn’t, click on Add New to create it), and then click on edit below the page title.06 - Go to all pages

  7. Click on the [ ] button to add the contact form code.07 - Click on Add BWS Plugin
  8. Click on the insert button when this window pops up.08 - Insert form
  9. Type in your telephone, fax or other contact information in the page editor (9.1) above the code that has ben inserted on the page (9.2) then click on the Update button (9.3)09 - update page

The below screen is an example of what the contact page will look like.

10 - form added

You’ve successfully created a contact form for your website. Let’s look at creating your website menu next.